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Heaven and Hell fights in Bigg Boss house

In BB7 house , 17th day starts with another challenging task for both heaven and hell mates. Bigg Boss announced for another treatment for infected patients of hell mates and doctors Asif Azeem and Armaan from heaven were called in laboratory for the same purpose. Both were shocked to see the barber’s chair in the room and get understood what will be the treatment.
Bigg Boss asked both to give 2 names from hell for this task. After discussion they decided to call Apoorva Agnihotri and Sangram in laboratory. Doctors explained to both patients for this treatment in which they will get the Mohawk style hair-cut and asked them if they refuse to do this task the hell-mates will lose one point.

By seeing this, some of the outside contestants said “Yes, do it” while other said “No”. Wife of Armaan Shilpa also refused him not to do this. Kamya Punjabi and Andy asked Apoorva to go for it as they thought the doctors will not do anything with them.After listening all the comments, Apurva said “Yes”. Asif cut the hair in Mohawk style. By seeing all this, Shipa reacted very wildly and got irritated and started crying.
After Apoorva, it was sangram turn. Armaan started fighting with Sangram to divert his mind. Apurva caught Armaan and explained Sangram that he is trying to divert you from doing the task. Armaan apologized for doing all this. Armaan cut the hair of Sangram is same manner.

After doing the task successfully both came out of the laboratory. Hell-mates congratulated to both for their bravery. Shilpa started crying very badly after seeing his hubby’s hair .Apoorva make her smile by his bravery words. Bigg Boss announced that both heaven and hell mates have done their task successfully and also congratulate hell-mates for their bravery.

Elli was seen missing her father as she always celebrated her birthday with him and this time she would n’t be with him. Apoorva and Sangram made her smile by signing songs for her and also requested Bigg Boss if they could get the cake for that occasion.


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