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Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauhar Khan in Goa with boyfriend Kushal Tandon

The top finalists of Bigg Boss 7 Sangram Singh, Ajaz Khan, Gauhar Khan and Tanisha Mukherjee gave their dance performances on Bigg Boss Grand Finale.

Sangram Singh eliminated first of them then Ajaz Khan.Gauhar Khan became the winner of Bigg Boss 7 by competing Tanisha Mukherjee who became the first runner up of the show.
Gauhar Khan hot images with Kushal Tandon
Gauhar and Kushal Tandon

On Bigg Boss Grand Finale, Tanisha's mother and famous actress Tanuja  also came to cheer up her daughter.Tanuja Ji also said that she watched Bigg Boss daily to see her daughter Tanisha as it was the only way to see her daughter.Gauhar Khan's mother and sister Nigaar Khan was also present to cheer Gauhar.
Armaan wanted to win his good friend Tanisha while Kushal Tandon wished her girlfriend Gauhar to win the show.
Then the host of the show Salman Khan declared Gauhar Khan as a winner of Bigg Boss 7 which left Khan Saab surprised.Winner said that she was on the seventh heaven after winning the controversial game show.
Gauhar Khan winner of Bigg Boss 7 with Trophy
Gauhar Khan win Bigg Boss 7
Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon in Bigg Boss 7
Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon after winning Bigg Boss Trophy

Gauhar take away the trophy as well as the award money which was 50 lakh rupees.Salman Khan also hosted a party on the occasion of his birthday and invited all Bigg Boss contestants to celebrate.

Kushal Tandon proposed Gauhar on national television show Bigg Boss.
After her win, Gauhar celebrated New Year with her ex-contestant and boyfriend and Kushal Tandon in Goa.She also shared intimate pictures of both on twitter.

 Rumors were that the couples of Bigg Boss 7 Kushal tandon and Gauhar, Armaan Kohli and tanisha will not even see each other after the end of game show.But even after  the show lovebird Gauhar and Kushal celebrated New Year and her win in Goa with friends.

Even Armaan Kohli and Tanisha also celebrated New Year bash in their Goa farmhouse with family and bigg boss contestant and their friend VJ Andy.

It will be more interesting to see who will tie the knot and will be together forever.

Gauhar Khan with boyfriend Kushal Tandon in Goa
Gauhar and Kushal in Goa
That was great to see the couple is still together even after the show.We hope that both get old together as Kushal wished on Colors Tv show.

Kushal Tandon evicted from Bigg Boss in surprise "Mid Week Eviction"

This week nominated contestants were Kushal Tandon, Ajaz Khan, Gauhar Khan . Sangram Singh saved Tanisha by using his special power to save anyone given by Bigg Boss.Sangram by doing this sends Tanisha to direct Finale.

All three were nominated for the eviction process.In between Bigg Boss gave task to the contestants a task in which every contestant was living another one's life. Ajaz Khan becomes the winner of the task.

Kushal Tandon eliminated from bigg  Boss
Gauhar and Kushal in Bigg Boss
Armaan Kohli reentered the house in between this task after getting bail by payin 50,000 rupees.

 Gauhar gets upset by this as Sangram Singh did n't judge this task fairly.Andy also gets angry with Sangram for not being fair.

On Wednesday, Bigg Boss announced surprise "Mid-Week Eviction".All the contestants of Bigg Boss were unaware about this eviction.

Ajaz, Kushal and Gauhar were nominated for this eviction process.

Then Bigg Boss declares that Kushal lose this by getting lesser votes than Gauhar Khan.The eviction took place in mid-week as a surprise for all the contestants.

Kushal Tandon eliminated from Bigg Boss.The battle still continues as the remaining contestants are Andy, Sangram Singh, Tanisha, Armaan, Ajaz Khan and Gauhar Khan.

Now there will be fresh elimination process for this week elimination which will be held on Saturday.
The time is running fast .Grand Finale is few days away. The contestants fights are still on.Every day is becoming more competitive for every contestant.Bigg Boss is the house of controversy everyone know that.Wait and watch the show what is going to happen more in coming days.

Who will Win Bigg Boss 7, only 2 weeks to go ?

 Bigg Boss Finale is very close.Only 2 weeks remaining for the grand finale of Bigg Boss.
Everyone is excited for the day.The show is getting very tough to even imagine that who will be the winner of Bigg Boss 7.

Kamya Punjabi has been evicted from the show.Sangram singh is the captain of the house this week.He saved Tanisha from the eviction process by using his special power to save any contestant from elimination.

Here is a Poll... Vote your favorite contestant except kamya Punjabi as she got eliminated.

Who Will Win Bigg Boss 7 ?

A difficult situation in Bigg Boss house recently knocked the door as one of the strong but violent contender of the house Armaan Kohli has been arrested on this Monday night. Now it will be very difficult to say this time that who will be in the Grand Finale.Kuhal Tandon and Gauhar Khan are the love birds in the house.Tanisha and Armaan is also a couple.Tanisha is already saved by Sangram Singh.Armaan Kohli arrested.

Kamya evicted, Armaan arrested, What next in bigg Boss house ?

Bigg Boss is getting controversial even when the Grand Finale is only 2 weeks away..
There was news that Sofia Hayat filed a complaint against Armaan Kohli for assaulting her with a wooden stick in Bigg Boss house.Sofia and Armaan fights were common in house. Both get involved in fighting with each other in the show.
Sofia Hayat filed a complaint against his co-contestant Armaan Kohli who is the son producer of Rajkumar Kohli after her eviction from Bigg Boss 7. 
Last week the strong contestant of the show Kamya Punjabi get evicted from Bigg Boss house. Sangram Singh and Kamya created a new record in Bigg Boss history by breaking Big Brother record of living in box for more than 41 hours. For that record, Sohail Khan gave both of them awards through VJ Andy.
Breaking news is that the violent contestant of Bigg Boss house Armaan Kohli has been arrested from the house on Monday night. The contestant has to be produced in Lonavala court Wadgaon Maval under sections 324, 504, 506, 354 and 509.

Armaan Kohli get arrested from bigg boss house on sofia complaint
Kamya evicted and Armaan Kohli arrested from Bigg Boss 7

The remaining contestants for the Finale excluding Armaan Kohli are Tanisha, Andy, Sangram Singh, Gauhar Khan, kushal Tandon and Ajaz Khan. The grand Finale will be after two weeks. Salman Khan is hosting Bigg Boss Season 7.This season was full of controversies. 

 This week was interesting while seeing the nominations as Ajaz Khan who is entertaining everybody inside as well as outside the house nominated Kushal tandon and Andy,Armaan Kohli nominated Kushal and gauhar Khan, Tanisha mukherjee voted Kushal Tandon and gauhar Khan, Andy voted Kushal and Ajaz khan, Kushal voted Ajaz Khan and Tanisha Mukherjee, Gauhar voted Tanisha and Armaan Kohli.At last the nominated contestants for eviction of this week are Kushal tandon, Gauhar Khan, Ajaz Khan and Tanisha Mukherjee.  

But Bigg Boss set a twist in these nominations by giving the special power to Sangram Singh. Bigg Boss gave special power to save any nominated contestant from eviction. Guess who is the lucky person whom Sangram Singh saved from eviction by using his special power. Yes, it is hard to believe but Sangram Singh saved Tanisha Mukherjee instead of his friend Andy from eviction and sends her directly to the Finale of Bigg Boss. 

Who you think will be in Grand Finale of Bigg Boss Sath 7

Sexy Elli Avram Out of Bigg Boss 7 House

In Saturday’s episode the elimination process took place. This week, Salman Khan favourite Elli got evicted from Bigg Boss house. She got fewer votes than Sophia. Mr Khan takes side of Andy and makes everyone clear that there is no fault of Andy. Salman khan makes Armaan clear that his mother asked to avoid Ajaz not Andy .Then Armaan says sorry to Andy and gave him a warm hug.  
Salman Khan likes Elli
Elli Avram and Katrina
Salman Khan also felt sad for her and said that even he was not expecting this. She has a brighter future after getting out of Bigg Boss house. Salman Khan is very fond of Elli. He never forgets to notice her in any episode. Even Elli likes Salman Khan.
According to sources Elli is very much close to Sallu. Salman even danced on "Saathiya Ye Tune Kya Kiya, Beliya Ye Tune Kya Kiya" with Elli after she came out of the Bigg Boss house on Sunday. She was looking gorgeous in green and pink color Saree.
Elli Avram in Bigg Boss
Elli Avram in bigg Boss

Swedish actress was close to Sangram Singh, Andy, Sophia and Tanisha in Bigg Boss house. She was playing the game very neatly and clearly. She won millions of the hearts by her innocent behaviour in the house.
Elli Avram, a Swedish girl entered into Bigg Boss house in September 2013.She looks like the sexiest actress of Bollywood Katrina Kaif. She became everyone’s favourite in a short period of time. Even the host of the show Salman Khan compares Elli with 5 year back Katrina. He said that when her Hindi reminds him of 5 years back Katrina Kaif.
Hot pictures of Elli Avram
Sexy Elli Avram
Elli started her Bollywood career with the movie “Mickey Virus” along with Manish Paul. Elli becomes the most favourite actress of Bollywood between the students. In some places Elli’s hot posters get banned.
Now, In Bigg Boss house Sophia, Gauhar, Kamya, Sangram, Andy, Kushal, Armaan, Tanisha and Ajaz Khan are left.
Elli eliminated from Bigg Boss
Elli evicted from Bigg boss
Payal Rohtagi may enter into Bigg Boss House through wild card entry. 

Kushal's Ex-girlfriend Candy in Bigg Boss house

New Caravan area in Bigg Boss :
The reality show is becoming more controversial as there are now new wild card entrants in the show. The interesting thing is that there is an introduction of new living area called "Caravan" also for the new entrants. This living area is with 5 beds placed at one place and also there is one television placed over there. Bigg Boss also provides them some garden area for hanging out.
New wild card entry in Bigg Boss :
Now, come on the point, who are the new wild card entries in Bigg Boss 7?
You will get more excited when you will come to know the names of the contestants.

Candy in bigg Boss
Kushal's ex candy to enter in Bigg Boss house
Ajaz Khan who was the first contestant to enter into the new caravan place of Bigg boss house. Ajaz is a model and actor who also worked in "Allah ke bande". He said that he will play this game with mind. He wants to get close with Gauhar, Elli and Armaan Kohli. Ajaz thinks Gauhar’s choice is not good and claims that when he will be infront of her she will forget Kushal.

Twist in Bigg Boss :
Another twist in controversial reality show is the entry of Kushal’s ex-girlfriend Candy Brar.
Candy is a model by profession. Now she is trying her luck in Bigg boss 7.She is the second one to enter in new caravan area of Bigg Boss.
Kushal ex candy in Bigg Boss house
Kushal Ex Candy in Bigg Boss
Here is also news of another wild card entry of Sofia Hayat who is singer and the actress of Superdude.

Bigg boss is all set to make the reality show more controversial. It would be interesting to watch how new lovebirds Kushal and Gauhar will react in the presence of Kushal’s ex-girlfriend Candy Brar.

The new wild card entries will enter into the main area only according to situation. Now it will be more interesting to watch Bigg boss Season 7.get all the latest news of Bigg boss house with us.

Heaven and hell altogether in Bigg Boss Sath Sath

Gauhar as captain of the house :
Bigg Boss announced Gauhar to be the captain of the house after getting all the votes from hell side. Heaven was not the part of this voting process.  

Shaitan and Farishtey task in Bigg Boss on 30th day :
 Bigg Boss announced Shaitan and Farishtey task for the contestants. According to this task devils have to capture the heaven parts like Garden area, Sleeping area, Kitchen and other areas of house and heaven mates need to protect them from devils.In this task devils have to replace the silver medals with their black medals placed in different areas of heaven.BB also asked heaven mates to behave like angels and also they all have to protect their medals placed in heaven respective places from devils. In this task Kushal went to garden area to cover it by placing the black medal forcefully and started fighting with heaven mates. Gauhar as being the captain of the house stopped him not doing this but Kushal was not ready to even listen to her then Gauhar disqualified Kushal for 2 hours for behaving like that. After then Apurva gets hit by heaven mates and Shilpa gets angry over this. After that Asif also get injured on his arm in this task and Tanisha also hit by heavy material incidentally but escaped. At the end, hell mates managed to get all the heaven places covered by their own shields and Bigg Boss announced them the winner of the task. Heaven mates get their bed on garden area as all the places are covered by hell mates.
On the next day, after getting permission for working in Kitchen only two people were allowed to work in Kitchen. Kamya was getting ready the breakfast for all housemates. Gauhar gives Elli dry parantha after getting this Elli went into the kitchen to get some oil or butter the Gauhar said she is not allowed to enter in Kitchen area. After this, Elli started crying then Tanisha asked Gauhar to give her some butter. Kamya also get angry. Tanisha also complained for pratysha as she was using the garden area without any permission and started blaming on Gauhar for  doing partiality. Gauhar started crying as she was suffering from fever and still was working to get them food. Kushal and other inmates asked her to do some rest.
In evening, Bigg Boss asked housemates to use katghara for their complaints. Tanisha blamed on captain for doing partiality. All other inmates stand with Gauhar and prove her decisions right as being a captain of the house.
Asif also complained for all hell mates for torturing him by applying shampoos, shaving cream and all dirty stuff like by making him smell by socks & underwear that was the funny part, all the housemates get laughed over it .he also said that Sangram lifted him up and he did n’t even touched him as being an angel at that time.

New Twist in Bigg Boss 7 :
The new twist in Bigg Boss has to come around, now all the contestants from heaven and hell will stay together in house. All the hell mates will get the place in heaven. Now have to see how this twist will work for all the housemates. Will they get much problem as now there is only one bathroom for all 12 contestants at that place and also there is lack of sleeping area? So it will be interesting to watch the show Bigg Boss Sath Sath.

Heaven and Hell fights in Bigg Boss house

In BB7 house , 17th day starts with another challenging task for both heaven and hell mates. Bigg Boss announced for another treatment for infected patients of hell mates and doctors Asif Azeem and Armaan from heaven were called in laboratory for the same purpose. Both were shocked to see the barber’s chair in the room and get understood what will be the treatment.
Bigg Boss asked both to give 2 names from hell for this task. After discussion they decided to call Apoorva Agnihotri and Sangram in laboratory. Doctors explained to both patients for this treatment in which they will get the Mohawk style hair-cut and asked them if they refuse to do this task the hell-mates will lose one point.

By seeing this, some of the outside contestants said “Yes, do it” while other said “No”. Wife of Armaan Shilpa also refused him not to do this. Kamya Punjabi and Andy asked Apoorva to go for it as they thought the doctors will not do anything with them.After listening all the comments, Apurva said “Yes”. Asif cut the hair in Mohawk style. By seeing all this, Shipa reacted very wildly and got irritated and started crying.
After Apoorva, it was sangram turn. Armaan started fighting with Sangram to divert his mind. Apurva caught Armaan and explained Sangram that he is trying to divert you from doing the task. Armaan apologized for doing all this. Armaan cut the hair of Sangram is same manner.

After doing the task successfully both came out of the laboratory. Hell-mates congratulated to both for their bravery. Shilpa started crying very badly after seeing his hubby’s hair .Apoorva make her smile by his bravery words. Bigg Boss announced that both heaven and hell mates have done their task successfully and also congratulate hell-mates for their bravery.

Elli was seen missing her father as she always celebrated her birthday with him and this time she would n’t be with him. Apoorva and Sangram made her smile by signing songs for her and also requested Bigg Boss if they could get the cake for that occasion.

Wild Card entries in Bigg Boss Sath 7

Here is news of wild card entries in Bigg boss house. After elimination of Hazel Keech there are 14 contestants.
Hazel eliminated from Bigg Boss 7
Hazel Keech in Bigg Boss

The reality show is becoming popular for the fights in the house. Pratyusha banerjee and Ratan Rajput got into fight for their failed relationship. Once both discussed about their relationships with each other.Pratyusha was in news earlier before entering into Bigg Boss house for her failed relationship with her boyfriend Makrand Malhotra.She also filed a complaint against her ex-beau for abusing her and also her family.
Now here is news of entering balika Vadhu’s ex Makrand Malhotra into Bigg Boss 7 through wild card entry. The show seems to be more controversial .What you think over it?
Also Bangladeshi model Asif Azim is making the news for entering into Bigg boss sath 7 and considered as the first wild card entry in Bigg Boss show.Asif stated that it would not be tough to survive in Bigg boss house.He is very much excited to become the part of Bigg Boss house.
We are eagerly waiting to see new wild card entries in the controversial reality show. Some contestants are being fed up by having issues with other house mates of Bigg boss. Tasks are being tougher for all day by day.
 Hell mates are suffering many problems due to tough tasks.
Pratyusha and Mukrand
Pratysha Banerjee with her ex-boyfriend 
Bigg Boss is another name of Controversies. Fights are going on in house.Andy is upset with Tanisha. Pratyusha was not happy with Ratan for taunting on her failed relationship. Kamya with Sangram, Armaan got into fight with Rajat.

Confirmed Contestants of Bigg Boss 7 revealed

The most awaiting controversial show Bigg Boss Sath 7 started on 15 September 2013.Colors TV is broadcasting the reality show daily(Monday-Sunday)  at 9 Pm. Salman Khan is hosting the show again this time too.

Bigg Boss 7 becomes much special because of its “Heaven and Hell” concept. Salman Khan will appear in both angelic and devil avatar for this concept.
The contestants of Bigg Boss 7 have been introduced. The final 15 contestants of Bigg Boss Sath 7 are :-

Tanisha Mukherjee:
Tanisha Mukherjee
Tanisha with Kajol and her mother

Tanisha was the first contestant to enter in Bigg Boss house. Tanisha is the sister of the well known face of Bollywood and also one of the most talented actresses Kajol. The news was that her family was not happy for her decision to take part in Bigg Boss but she manages to handle the situation and finally become the contestant of Bigg Boss House.

Pratyusha Banerjee :-
Contestant of Bigg boss 7 Pratyusha banerjee
Pratyusha banerjee

Pratyusha is also a small screen actress. She got the fame from the colors television show “ Ballika Vadhu”. She was also the contestant of Indian dance reality show “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa” second season.

Rajat Rawal :- Rajat is the producer of Bollywood hit movies “Ready” and “No Problem” and also he was seen in the super duper hit movie “Bodyguard” with Salman Khan.

Anita Advani :-
Anita Advani with rajesh khanna
Anita Advani and Rajesh Khanna

Anita Advani is Rajesh Khanna’s close friend and also live-in partner. She was in controversy when she refused not to leave the Bungalow after Rajesh Khanna’s death.
Elli Avram :-
Elli Avram in Bigg Boss 7
Elli Avram
Elli is non-Indian Bollywood actress. This foreign actress will be making her Bollywood debut with movie “Mickey Virus”. She will be seen opposite Manish Paul (The host of most entertaining Indian dance reality Show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa)Elli also entered in Bigg Boss.
VJ Andy/Anand Kumar :-The host of “Dare to date” the reality show based on dating. He also did hit music album “Kaliyon ka Chaman”.He also host the V channel show “Get Gorgeous 3”.He was the second contestant to enter in Bigg Boss house.

Munish Armaan Kohli :- Armaan Kohli made his debut with the Bollywood film “Virodhi” but did n’t succeed in Bollywood. Now he is trying his luck in Bigg Boss.

Ratan Rajput :-

Ratan got the fame from the Indian televion serial “Agle Janam mohe bitiya hi keejo” .She is a very chirpy girl.  She also worked in daily soap”Raadha ki betiyan kuch kar dikhaengi”.She is also the contestant of big reality show.  

Kushal Tandon :- He is an Indian television actor and best known for “Ek hazaaron me meri behna hai”.Kushal is also the contestant of the big Indian reality show.

Gauhar Khan :-
Gauhar Khan
Gauhar Khan in Bigg Boss Sath 7
Gauhar Khan is the sister of Nigaar Khan. She also appeared in movies “OUATIM”, Rocket Singh and “Ishaqzaade” .She also became Femina Miss India.

Sangram Singh :- Sangram took part in many reality shows. He was also Payal Rohtagi’s boyfriend.Now he is ready to be the part of Bigg boss.

 Kamya Punjabi :- She is a very well known television actress. Kamya is mostly known for playing vamp or negative type of characters in Indian TV serials.She played the character of Sindoora in Banoo main teri dulhan. Now she has become the part of the reality show.

Hazal Keech :- Hazal was seen with Salman khan in Bodyguard.She is a very talented dancer.she also did item songs and also close to Salman Khan. She is also trying her luck in Bigg boss Sath 7.

Bigg Boss 7 Couple Entry  :- 

Shilpa Saklani and Apurva Agnihotri :-
Shilpa and Apurva Agnihotri
Shilpa and Apurva Agnihotri in Bigg Boss
Both are well known faces of Indian television.Shilpa worked in many daily soaps and Apurva got the fame as “Armaan Suri” for “Jassi Jaisi Koi nhi”. They both are happily married after dating 6 months. The couple got the chance to be the part of Bigg Boss Family.

Drashti Dhami journey in Jhalak till now

Jhalak Dikhlaja, India’s most entertaining dance reality show by having the high profile judges - The dancing Diva Madhuri Dixit, Karan Johar and Remo D’Souza and the most talented contestants.
Every week of Jhalak brings the most wonderful and brilliant performances by the contestants. Jhalak has got its top 5 contestants & each one is fighting for getting closer to Jhalak trophy by showing their best dance performances.
Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit on Jhalak Dikhla jaa to promote Bigg Boss 7
Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit
Lauren Gottlieb, Drashti Dhami, Shaan, Mukti Mohan and the winner of India’s Got Talent Sonali and Sumanth enters into the top 5 contestants. Each contestant is full of energy and talent. It is very difficult to even guess who will be the winner of Jhalak Dikhlaja trophy.
Drashti Dhami is also one of the best contenders of the dance reality show.Everytime she proved herself as a best dancer of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa. Drashti Dhami paired with the winner of dance India dance Salman Yusuff Khan as his choreographer. Both showed the handwork in each of their dance performance. Salman has been praised many times for his best choreography and also Drashti for her best dance moves with full of face expressions. She has been praised by all three judges many times for her brilliant acting with full of emotions in every dance performance. Drashti has scored 30/30 many times by giving her best performances on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.
Salman Khan and Drashti Dhami in Jhalak
Salman Khan and Drashti Dhami in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa

Salman Khan was appeared this weekend for promoting his upcoming controversial reality show Bigg Boss Sath 7.Salman Khan shakes a leg with his Hum Aapke Hain Kaun co-star and the beautiful judge of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Madhuri Dxit on “Dekha hai phli baar Saajan ki aankhon me pyaar”.Drashti Dhami also danced with Salman khan on the beats of "Tere mast mast do nain Mere Dil ka le gaye chain”.
 Drashti is a girl with cute smile and innocent face. Drashti Dhami is playing the character of Madhubala in the most popular show of Colors Tv Madhubala -Ek Ishq Ek Junoon opposite Vivian Dsena.
Jhalak Dikhlaja this week also remained with top 5 contestants as there was no elimination this week. But the elimination will be held on next week on the basis of the inclusion of last week votes plus current votes. Next week will be more challenging for each contestant.

Salman Khan on Jhalak Dikhla Jaa with Madhuri Dixit to promote Bigg Boss 7

Excited? Must be. As you all know that Jhalak Dikhla jaa has got its top 5 contestants Lauren Gottlieb, Shaan, Sonali and Sumanth, Drashti and Mukti Mohan. This season has been now more entertaining by having “Teen ka Tadka”
Every week is more challenging for each contestant of Jhalak Dikhlaja. Every contestant is trying hard to achieve Jhalak trophy.
Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa
Salman Khan and madhuri Dixit in jhalak Dikhla jaa 6
The show is full of entertainment including dance,fun, musti, dhamal ,the expressions of dancing diva Madhuri dixit, Karan Johar’s jugalbandi with Manish and Kapil, Remo D’souza’s shyness and specially comments, funny acts by Manish Paul and Kapil everything.
Every week there comes celebrities to promote their upcoming shows/movies.Last weekend Priyanka made her appearance with Ram Charan Teja to promote her upcoming film “Zanjeer”. This weekend the famous bachelor of Bollywood is going make her appearance on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa for promoting his upcoming controversial reality show “Bigg Boss Sath 7”. The show will be air on 15 September. Salman Khan will be in double role for Bigg Boss 7.One role will be angelic while another will represent his devil one. The contestants of Bigg boss have not been confirmed yet but there is news of Gauhar Khan as being a contestant of Bigg Boss.
Salman Khan in Jhalak Dikhlaja
Salman Khan in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa
 Last season Salman khan recreated the magic of Rajshri production’s Hum Aapke Hain Kaun with Madhuri Dixit.Now excited to see both of them again on Jhalak DikhlaJa 6.Surely there will be much more entertainment by Dabangg Khan and the dancing Legend Madhuri Dixit this time also.

Salman Khan back with ‘Bigg Boss Season 7’ on Colors TV

Yes, Big Boss has planned to come back with its brand new Season 7.The host of the show will be again the most handsome hunk & the most searchable celebrity online, Dabangg fame “Salman Khan”. This time Colors TV is going to telecast the great Indian reality show “Bigg Boss Season 7”. Bigg Boss is already become a famous reality show due to controversies, fights, game, politics & all. This Season 7 of Bigg Boss reality show will be full of more fun as Salman Khan will be in double role that means we will have double fun this time.
There will be Salman’s two characters one is ‘angelic’ that is for good and other is ‘Devil’ which will be for bad.

Salman Khan in double role
Salman Khan is the highest paid actor on Television
 Salman Khan will be getting 5 crore per episode that means Salman will be whopping total 130 crore for Bigg Boss Season 7 which is just the double amount of last season as Salman Khan was getting 2.5 cr per episode in previous season “Bigg Boss Season 6”. By making this whopping amount Salman Khan has become the highest paid actor of Television .
Dabangg Salman Khan is in controversy these days for his “Hit and Run Case” so why Salman Khan wants to finish the shooting for Big Boss till August as the trial of this case will begin in the mid of August’13.

According to a source, Salman Khan has finalized the deal of big reality show “Bigg Boss” in INR 130 cr for total 26 episodes as he has to play double role that means double hardwork. Dabangg Khan  has to play double role for the new season ‘7’ of Bigg Boss – One role will represent his angel look of ‘Heaven’ while another will be opposite the ”Devil of Hell”. This time this reality show is going to be more crazy and entertaining as well.

Now if we talk about the contestants of Bigg Boss Season 7, then the contestants are still predictable not confirm yet...According to a source there is a list of the expected candidates which can be the part of Bigg Boss House are:
Shri Santh
pratyusha banerjee
Rakshanda Khan
Manish Paul
Navin Bajaj
Puja Gupta
Sanjay Jumani
Bree Olson
Gaurav Gera
Ekta Kapoor
Ameesha Patel
Mika Singh
Sanjeeda Sheikh
Kritika Kamra
Chunky Pandey
Shirish Kunder
Kratika Sengar
Pooja Gor
Punam Pandey

This is the predictable Bigg Boss contestants list, it is not confirmed yet. But there is news that there may be one cricketer in the show. Although it is not sure that the cricketer will be only “ShreeSanth” But the chances of shree santh are because of his controversies during IPL. Bigg Boss is all set to make its comeback with bang of great contestants and new concept. Now we have only to wait till the show begins.



Madhuri dancing with Birju Maharaj

Madhuri dancing with Birju Maharaj
Madhuri Dixit with Birju Maharaj

Contestants of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6

Contestants of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6
Jhalak dikhhla jaa